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Aloha Paniolos!!!(cowboy in Hawaiian),

I was @ your ranch in the middle of May 2011 with my Dad, he didn't ride. I don't know if you remember me ?? All of you were so kind to us. You guys made a funny comment on my roper boots w/ the silver Kilties on them. You said " oh we have someone who rides look @ her boots". You guys gave me such a memorable ride. I hadn't been on a horse in 13 yrs. due to my disability. You let me ride the largest black horse and I could barley get on him, so embarrassing due to my bad legs. Once I was on him I felt No Pain !! he was just like my own legs at one time. I couldn't even find words for how great I felt. But, I ended up paying alot for this experience ha ha. When I got home to Hawaii I had to have an MRI the doctor asked what the heck did you do on your vacation? I had riped a bunch of things in one knee, so I'm having surgery next week. But, you know what it was worth every second on top of your horse. I'll be back in June 2012 so of course I will stop by to see you guys and ride!! I'll bring some beer this time for when you are off for the day. I wished I remembered my guides name we rode just the two of us. The pictures turned out real nice. He wears a brown vest with a blk. hat and has a mustache (looks like Tim McGraw) and he rode a small Irish horse. If you know who I am talking about would you give him my email adress PLEASE!!!

Mahalo, Beatrice

P.S. Thank You for the Great memories!! I will never forget them. Have a nice day!!

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