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I must write & thank you for showing us a wonderful time in beautiful Red Rock Canyon. My dear friend Karen, who I have known since we started the first grade together & who lives in Indiana, and I rode Monday, Oct. 27. As horse owners, we were both very impressed with your horses. They were all shiny, healthy, happy horses. We went over trails where there was somtimes only a "horses hoof" width placement between loose rocks. Your horses must be ballet dancers in secret because they executed them with ease. My own horse would have been clumsy on those rocky trails. I rode Dylan and my friend rode Stagecoach. We would have taken them home with us if we could have.

From the time I called to make reservations, we were impressed. I shopped and called three different stables but felt most comfortable when I talked to the wonderful woman who helped us reserve our ride with you. I felt as if I were talking to an old friend. Then we enjoyed our time with our wrangler, Mike. We were the only people booked for the mid-day ride so we had a great time chatting, just the three of us. Mike is not only a very knowledgable horseman, but charming, personable and grew up near where I live in California. He was incredibly understanding and quick to act when my friend, who is from a very humid climate in Indiana, got dehydrated, hot, and nauseous near the very end of our ride in the hot, dry desert air. He called back to the "barn" on his two-way radio and soon help was on it's way. She was back to normal within just a few minutes after a short recovery in the shade and some cool water.

We really had a memorable ride and wanted to thank you so very much for it.


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