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I just wanted to say what a great time we had on our Sunset Horse Trail ride, now I can sit down again that is!! It had been 12 years since I was last in the saddle (and an English one at that), saying that I was put at ease by the wranglers who have so much confidence in their horses; they put me on Red Arrow, he was a gorgeous Mustang.

The views we got from being on the horses were amazing, you can certainly go to places where a car or truck cannot. As for the peace and quiet; with there being no cars around it was such a contrast to the lights and sounds of the Vegas strip. It was tranquil, with just the sound of the horses hooves on the rocks, what more could you ask for? Well actually, if you listen to the thicket. We saw cotton tail and jack rabbits and also the occasional chipmunk as they were scurrying around.

The food was great - thanks Jimmy!! The sing songs around the campfire were great too, but I am sorry, I didn't get your name Cowboy to thank you individually. By the way I am still on the look out for a "happy" cowboy song . Oh and don't forget to look up, the stars were amazing...!!

Michelle and Jason from the UK, 20th October 2009

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