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Hi Big Jim,

Not sure if you will be reading this or your son, but Nick and I wanted to send you all off an email, thanking you for the great time we had last Wednesday May 12th, 2010. It was the highlight of our trip to Vegas, and I can tell you, being back in Canada now, both of us were thinking this evening that only just a week ago today, we were out riding at your place and wishing we were back there again. Firstly, let me say I was not expecting the heights we travelled on the Overlook ride, and as I am afraid of heights, it was quite the accomplishment for me, though at times, I was feeling scared, I am not sorry I did the ride, and Nick loved it.

We wanted to extend a special thank you to Josh for being such a great guide and from me personally, extra thanks for making me feel safe during the ride. Also, Mary Ruth is a treasure, we enjoyed talking with her on the way out to your place and later again that night when she took us back to the hotel, she is great part of your team. Thank you for adjusting the price for us, or I believe your son did, (and I am so sorry that I can't recall his name right now) but anyway, for including the Sunset BBQ trail ride and supper with our Overlook ride. Also, he cooked up a great meal for us and our friends and Nick enjoyed talking with him very much.

Special thanks to Robbie, what a great person he has, so polite and friendly and he made us feel so at home. He is a great asset to your team!

Special thanks to Ernie and Grant, our guides for the evening ride, also great members of your staff.

At this point, we must apologize, because in hindsight, we don't think we tipped Ernie and Grant enough and even though Robbie was not a guide for us last Wednesday, we are wondering now if we shouldn't have tipped him as well? Not having done this before, we feel perhaps we didn't tip enough and can only say, that when we come back, and we will be back, we will be sure to rectify this situation. This was the thrill of a lifetime for Nick, he loves horses and riding so much and though he has never ridden that kind of terrain before, he tells me now he has fallen in love with Nevada and the desert. I don't know if Ernie and Grant were just saying this to be kind, but it sure made Nick feel good when after guiding our group back, they asked him if he had done this before and suggested he could have a job with your outfit. It made his day and year for that matter!

We took some of your cards and brochures and are already spreading the word about your place, nothing like word of mouth for good advertisement. We are hoping to come back to Las Vegas again, maybe in the fall, and for sure next spring again, and when we do come back, we will definitely be coming out to ride again. Nick enjoyed Stoney for both rides and Red Arrow was a beautiful horse, though Josh had to lead him for me as I had a bit of trouble controlling him, but he probably could sense my inexperience. Cinnamon was wonderful for me for the evening ride and I would ask for her again.

If there is someplace I can send some positive feedback/comments that you can place on your website, I would be happy to put something together and email to you. Thank you again to Cowboy Trails and all of you for making our experience such a wonderful one, gave us a lot of good memories and I would be happy to share some photos we took if you would like. We very much look forward to a return trip to Vegas and booking a ride with you again!

Sincerely and with thanks,

Sylvia and Nick

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