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Hi Big Jim,

Once again, your team has exceeded expectations. I have had the fortune, due to work, to be in Las vegas for 2 additional weeks “off and on” since my wife and I visited approximately a month ago (Rim Ride, with Josh – on Blue and Ghost). So during this last week here I took full advantage to ride at Cowboy Trail Rides 3 additional times (i.e., the Rim Ride again, Red Springs Ride and the WOW Ride – appropriately named might I add). I had the pleasure of riding with Ernie, Brandon and Grant (along with Jim, Ryan and Tom) – riding on Smoky, Dollar and Smoky again, wonderful horses with great personalities. The conversations with the All the Cowboys and drivers (Dan, David and Manning) were excellent. My Uncle (on Scooter) was also, and equally, amazed with the WOW ride and we have not the words to fully capture the experience (and do not believe that the words even exist to do such a description any justice). Apologies in advance to any name spelling errors.

Lastly, heading back to NJ will be bitter sweet I assure you, although the north west of the state is nice in its own right (due the Appalachian Mountains rising in those parts), it does not compare to what was experienced here. You have an excellent team, excellent horses and provide an excellent experience with breathtaking views.

All the Best to you and your team always – and looking forward to the next time.

God Bless the United States of America.


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