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1st letter written

Hey Big Jim and Georgie,

Just got home last evening, and wanted to tell you I had such a great time!!!

The outlook ride was fantastic, and I felt like a VIP as it was just Ernie and I on the ride, wow, was that something!!!

Then as you know, I had to go back again this past Sunday for the Sunset ride. Good thing I don't live nearby, cause I'd be like a fly on the wall with you guys, LOL

I made sure, a show I went to Friday, to tell people about you folks, and also a woman that was next to me on the plane home. So many people have no idea of your great place, so I try to advertise as much as I can, to me, well, it shows what I think, if I didn't like it, as Ernie says, if you like it recommend it to your friends, if not to your enemies, LOL

Only thing I regret, I remember seeing the cowboy hats, and never got one, I should have last year, forgot, then again last wednesday, didn't, and then again Sunday, and didn't.. Out of curiosity, how much are they, and how much would it cost to have one shipped to me? And speaking of which, does it have your name on it, or your website? if not, I'd say a good thing to have, as I didn't know till Sunday that they were for sale, or I would have gotten one.

Best regards to all of you, and thanks for making the past week a memorable trip..

I wasn't sure with my Dad, at almost 90, if I'd ride once, but after the ride with Ernie, that was all we talked about, and he said, if you liked it that much, go again, we have a few days, so of course I did, and had a blast, except for the cold weather Sunday night, but was still worth while!!! Always is...


2nd letter written

Hey Big Jim,

I was just thinking, 1 hat I did see, was sort of like a brownish, desert type look, sort of like a um color scene to it, can't explain it, would know if I saw it, but any would be fine.

And also thanks for trying to get me Ernie's email.

He is a great Guy. I know both Bibbie, and him were surprised to see me Sunday, I laugh all the time thinking about it, Bibbie is helping everyone off the shuttle, and I was like the last off, and he looks at me, and was shicked, like what the heck, am I seeing a ghost, lol.. And I bet Ernie thought the same, as did JR. Guess I surprised everyone.

But, it was such a treat, and who knows if I'll ever get the chance again, so why not take advantage of it while I was there. It truly was a great time.. 4 times now, and I can't get enough. A great operation you have!!

Just need to advertise it somehow, get people visiting Vegas to know about it. I tell everyone I know about it. Maybe think of having tee shirts, or as I said before, something on the hats about it. I think I told about 6 people this last time about you, and maybe 3 or 4 last time.

It's an experience that can't be outdone as far as I'm concerned.

Say Hi to Georgie for me, I had a great time talking with her when she picked me up last Wednesday, what a sweetheart she is...

Best Regards,


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